How it all began

As ergonomists and furniture makers, we were inspired by the beautiful pictures of furniture manufacturers. In these photos, cables are often cut or airbrushed out. In practice, (office) spaces often look a lot messier, and sometimes, they are downright dangerous.

That annoyance became our passion!

National and international clients

In 2012, was created based on this passion. We have since been working for national and international clients. We act as their partners for installations during new construction, relocations, refurbishments, or when new employees/departments arrive. Outside the Netherlands, we have realized projects in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, America, and even Costa Rica.

Also outside working hours

We work when it best suits you, including evenings, nights, or weekends. This way, any inconvenience experienced by office staff as a result of our presence is reduced to a minimum. For example, someone at the office can go home at the end of the working day and start at a new workstation the next!  This turns potential annoyance into a complete surprise!

Certified staff

Our professionals are all competent and meticulous.  All our employees hold a Certificate of Good Conduct. Our project leaders are also CER, SCC, NEN1010, NEN3140, and ESD-certified, so you can rest assured that your cables and devices are connected safely and in accordance with the guidelines.

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